"I strive for works that combine color, composition, and drawing skills with...detailing to give the feeling that the more one looks, the more detail one sees."

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      Born, raised and educated in the Philadelphia area Richard DePaul now calls Williamsburg, Virginia home.  His interest in art goes back to an early age.  "I knew since my initial 'art project' in first grade that this was what I wanted to do when I grew up."  He started dabbling in oils, and began his formal training at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in his early teens.  Upon graduation from Haverford High School he was awarded a scholarship to the Philadelphia College of Art (now the Philadelphia University of the Arts) where he earned a degree in Industrial Design.

      Marriage, children and a forty-year career in Design and Development for major corporations in the packaging field took precedence over painting and drawing.

      After retiring from "corporate life" his wife's Christmas gift of watercolors revived his interest in painting.  "My painting 'style' combines my love of drawing with my designer's training that a good concept, plan, and execution result in a successful product - in this case a painting."  Dick combines his artistic understanding of color, composition, perspective, and painting skills with the designer's tools and techniques, resulting in what he calls "manipulated realism."

      His interest in history, architecture, and sailing as well as his love of travel have yielded a variety of work which feature Williamsburg, Tidewater Virginia, and favorite travel destinations.

      "I've achieved my objective if my work can be appreciated on more than one level.  I want the color and feeling of a piece to allow the viewer to simply enjoy the scene.  Then, as the piece is scrutinized, those with a particular knowledge of the subject should be able to further discern the degree of detail and precision.  My goal is to provide an enjoyable visual trip through the 'mini-scenes' within the work as a whole."

Richard E. DePaul · 123 Elizabeth Harrison Lane · Williamsburg, VA   23188
Telephone:  757-253-7961 · Facsimile:  757-258-4477 · E-mail:  depaulart@widomaker.com


Richard E. DePaul - Artist
123 Elizabeth Harrison Lane
Williamsburg, VA  23188
Phone: 757-253-7961
Fax: 757-258-4477
Email: depaulart@widomaker.com